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Vendor selection support

Making the right choice

You have the go-ahead from the C-suite and the decision has been made to select a marketing software suite and or a sales enablement platform. But which one is the right one for you? How do you sift through all those technology feature lists?

A technology vendor selection process can be a very complicated and at times even be an emotional undertaking if you don't know how to approach it from the very start.

Selecting the right platform for your business should not be taken lightly. Many software vendors have a North American background. The language they use focusses more on domestic needs.  

So, what if your business relies on channels rather than going direct? Or what if your business is more about achieving growth of your existing customer base rather than a strategy that solely focuses on finding new customers? What about privacy? Where is the data hosted? How and from where is "local" support organized ? What about application performance in your region? What about the legal rammifications? Some of these answers are not always readily available on the vendors website.

We can help you jumpstart your buying journey (try us out at no charge by contacting us here):

Informal phase:

  • Analyze your business requirements
  • Let us rate the various vendors 
  • Provide you with insight on contract negotiations and help avoiding negotiation mistakes

Formal phase:

  • Select prospective vendors and help create RFI’s
  • Lead your team in selecting the winning vendor and help create RFP’s and RFQ’s
  • Provide you with insight on contract negotiations and help avoiding negotiation mistakes

Don’t buy software without a strategy

When exploring a list of software providers, one needs to be aware that the technology is only part of the solution. Strategy, content goals, internal organization and often agency services are part of the broader solution set –software rarely solves everything on its own. But it can give you the means to achieve greatness.

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