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Eloqua automates the science of marketing– campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers, drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns, and deliver compelling content. With Eloqua, marketers can read and automatically respond to their buyers’ Digital Body Language™ and triumph over their biggest challenges:

  • Drive revenue through more qualified leads
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Demonstrate value and accountability
  • Align marketing and sales


Marketo is a software (as a service) provider. It runs on an infrastructure designed to provide the performance and reliability features that typically only blue chip companies can afford. Simple, scalable and secure, you get it all without having to invest or deal in any extra or new IT resources

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do twice as many campaigns in less time? And, wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly start getting more sophisticated when you were ready without having to switch to a new platform?

We all have limited resources and budgets. Let us help you maximize your resources by making one person look like seven. Let us show you how you can have your cake and eat it too.


If you are looking for a powerful, scalable and yet affordable Marketing Automation platform, then Pardot might just be the tool for you. With Pardot, creating inspired marketing campaigns is fast and easy.

When first starting, Marketing Automation can sometimes become a complex endeavour. Pardot helps you to keep things simple and efficient, and enables you to show real results in a short period of time.

Backed by digital marketing giant ExactTarget, Pardot provides an intuitive interface to create emails, landing pages, forms and much more in just a few clicks.

You can of course leverage all of your existing assets in Pardot, by integrating your existing forms and uploading your own html templates for emails and webpages. Or you can decide to create it all in Pardot using their great drag-and-drop editor.


Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social into a solution that gives marketers the ability to leverage customer behavior to drive revenue.

Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social. Its customers achieve superior Return on Relationship by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors and then automating personalized experiences that increase revenue, improve ROI, and deepen brand loyalty. Silverpop’s commitment is to offer a platform that is complete, not complex—so that marketers from any size organization can easily achieve digital marketing

The company offers a world-class services team, 24/7 customer support and a network of partners to ensure that every client gets the right mix of solutions for their specific digital marketing needs. Silverpop is trusted by more than 4,000 brands around the globe.


Brainshark transforms the way businesspeople create and share content. Its underlying premise is that the use of multimedia needs to be democratized, making it possible for anyone, unencumbered by time, cost or technical barriers, to produce powerful business communications. By making it easy to create an immersive, interactive communications experience including audio and visual components.
Brainshark enables the average businessperson with only basic tools, like PowerPoint and the phone, to add their voice to static content and create high-impact, video presentations.  This empowers marketing and sales people to create their own content in no time. Its online cloud hosted property enables users to also track audience behavior making the tool a superb demand generation assistant

Brainshark is focused on enabling the delivery of high-quality video presentation content to an increasingly untethered world. With smartphones set to outpace PCs and with the tablet market exploding, Brainshark Mobile, Brainshark Enhanced Mobile and the Brainshark iPad/iPhone App are ideally suited for on-the-go video content consumption. The company remains committed to meeting and anticipating the needs of both online and mobile users, and helping deliver superior business communications.


Most-popular CRM. Easy collaboration. Proven cloud platform. offers everything you need to transform your business into a Social Enterprise, so you can connect to customers and employees like never before. With no software or hardware to install, you're up and running—and seeing a positive impact on your business—quickly.

Each individual part of's product lineup is a world-class standalone app or service. Together, they are the ultimate cloud computing and CRM solution, designed to provide everything you need to run your business in the cloud and become a Social Enterprise.


McRae & Co specialise in helping companies select and deploy marketing automation technology to drive business growth, build predictable pipelines and unify Sales and Marketing into one unified approach that maximises return on investment.
Unlike agencies that are limited to only creative services or technical expertise, they help customers accelerate their time to marketing automation understanding and a smarter joined up Sales and Marketing approach. UK based, they have more than 10 years demand generation experience working with high-growth companies, often investment-backed technology, and with all the leading marketing automation software platforms into this market.


Here at LeadFabric we use Box to manage, access and share all of our own documents online, whilst creating unique & secure customer folders that allow us to increase productivity and combine resources.





The Luma Platform has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use for field staff and agents with limited computer experience. Meanwhile, the technology behind Luma is state-of-the-art with capabilities not found elsewhere in one tool. The Luma Platform has benefits at the system, production, user and business level.




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