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There was a time when quantity and quality could not exist in the same marketing plan. Those days are gone. Marketing automation allows you to effectively manage and nurture your leads, maximizing your marketing budget. Understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior ensures that quality leads make it to your sales team at the right time. As a marketer, we know that you're continually expected to do more with less.

Efficiency of e-marketing execution:

Improve overall efficiency levels whilst setting up your e-marketing programs. Quickly segment and profile your target audience based on their demographics as well as their online behavior (or lack of thereof). Create emails and landingpages that convert better by automatically personalizing its content based on previously captured personal profile information. Optimize email communication by leveraging Silverpop's state of the art email infrastructure, like for example:


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Automation, what's in a name.

Automation is all the rage today. But what does it mean? Automation of marketing asset creation? Automation of buyer engagement? Automation of lead qualification? There's plenty of opportunity in every organization. 

The same goes for marketing automation platforms. Plenty of choice. There are some that target more consumer and transactional environments. There are others that thrive in complex sales organizations. At LeadFabric we help you make the right choice

Every client is unique and what is relevant for you might not be important for organizations active in other industries. Of all the platforms out there Silverpop probably spans the widest range. Founded as an enterprise email service provider it today also offer true behavioral triggered marketing. It is the market leader in the following industries:

- Retail

- Publishing space

- Midmarket and larger SMB B2B organizations

- Travel


Effectiveness optimization:

Creating more personal engagements is not a goal initself. Ultimately we are only interested in engaging with stakeholders that postively impact our pipeline. Understanding how to keep the engagement going, understanding when to hand it over to a receiving function (telemarketing, telesales, inside sales or external sales

  • - Lead Management:
    Effectively Engage with Inbound Leads 
  • - Campaign Automation:
    Automate the Tactical, Focus on Strategy
  • - Lead Nurturing:
    More Effectively Manage Your Pipeline
  • - Lead Scoring:
    Separating Quality from Quantity
  • - Sales & Marketing Alignment:
    Provide insight into lead activity
  • - Reporting & Analytics:
    Tracking Your Success


Look for yourself what other marketers have accomplished with the Silverpop technology


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