Personalized Campaign

Personalized Campaign

The mantra of marketing automation is “get the right message to the right person at the right time”. But where to begin? Often the right answer to that question is a “welcome campaign”. A welcome campaign is a short series of email messages triggered when a new contact enters the marketing database, whether through an on- or off-line conversion. Welcome campaigns serve the useful purpose of introducing new contacts to a company’s main value propositions: who the company is, what the company does, and what’s in it for the prospect. Welcoming always makes sense, especially because data from Marketing Sherpa shows that the sooner a prospect is contacted, the more likely they are to convert.

The first stage of implementing a welcome campaign is simply defining an email auto-response when an anonymous visitor converts on an organization’s website. Understanding what offer triggered the conversion, and customizing the auto-response email is critical. Remember the mantra—marketers need to send the “right message”. At LeadFabric we look at the offer, and the typical profile of the visitor who would respond to that offer, and craft a response that includes a tailored follow-on offer. According to Marketing Manager Amber Stevens, our welcome campaigns get a typical click-through rate over 20%.

Jen Horton, RPM Program Director at Eloqua, offers some good advice in her blog entry, “One Campaign You Must Not Ignore” She says to be sure to offer a “multi-touch” welcome campaign. “Go beyond a single touch. A multi-touch Welcome Campaign is a great opportunity to watch prospects and determine what their level of interest really is.” So, marketers with multi-touch welcome campaigns carefully monitor the prospect’s “digital body language”--what the prospect clicks on or ignores—and use that data to trigger the next “right message” to send to them. Eventually, when a prospect has shown the digital body language of someone in an active buying cycle, lead scoring will trigger a phone call from a sales rep. The best part of that phone call? The prospect already knows the main value propositions of the company from the welcome campaign.

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