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Major release:
SlideShark Team Edition 4.0

The release of SlideShark 4.0 expands the SlideShark story beyond “just PowerPoint.” Updated functionality and support for PDF documents gives Team Edition users more flexibility than ever before. Additional enhancements include the option for Team Edition members to download content and the ability to “zoom” on the iPad while viewing and presenting.


PDF (Team Edition users only)

Support for PDF means that SlideShark Team Edition is no longer just a PowerPoint management and presentation tool, but a multi-file solution. These updates directly support the needs of salespeople by focusing on two of the tools they use most – PowerPoint and PDF.  

Traditional PDF content such as datasheets, case studies, and other follow-up material can now be accessed, presented, shared and tracked which adds significant flexibility to a day in the life of a sales rep. This release addresses two key needs for sales reps and organizations – the ability to deliver a physical copy of the presentation, and the editing protection that a PDF delivers. Team Edition’s administration, analytics, and presentation value will allow those organisations to protect the investment they make in content.

Keep in mind that SlideShark is much more than just a PDF reader. The presentation, distribution, and tracking elements that made it so popular for PowerPoint are now also available PDF . This means you can:


  • Ensure your people only use approved PDF content,
  • Manage version control,
  • And enforce consistent messaging.


The ability to use the annotation and laser pointer features significantly enhances the presentation experience as well. 

And, you can extend the SlideShark experience to other file formats such as Excel, Keynote, Word, and others when they are converted into a PDF.

With this release, SlideShark is now  a true multimodal presentation and content management solution.  


Team members downloading content (Team Edition users ONLY)

SlideShark has always championed the importance of keeping content locked down, consistent, and controlled when it comes to Team Edition – and it will continue to bolster that position. However, a number of customers and prospects who greatly value the distribution and presenting capabilities of SlideShark while preferring more flexibility in allowing team members to download content (and hence edit, personalize, or keep onhand) convinced us to add this feature.

While Team Administrators have always been able to download PowerPoint files, extending that ability to team members on a per presentation basis gives them the broader level of flexbility they need to get the most value out of SlideShark for their organization’s unique set of needs. Presentations that need to be locked-down can remain untouchable, while those that are less sensitive or perhaps require some personalization can now be accessed by the team.


This feature simply allows SlideShark to extend a greater level of flexibility to organizations that are more interested in distribution and tracking rather than keeping content locked down. This setting is turned off by default and can be enabled on a per presentation basis. Note: you will also be able to download PDFs from the web or directly from shared links.


Zoom on iPad (All users)

SlideShark always offered the ability to Zoom In and Out on the iPhone while viewing and presenting content due to its limited screen surface. In response to many enhancement requests, we’ve extended that functionality to the iPad as well.  This new Zoom on iPad feature is available to all Slideshark users (paid and free) for PowerPoint content and for Team Edition users for PDF content.

This is an important usability improvement and shows SlideShark’s commitment to keep the app fresh and exciting for all users. 

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