Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the discipline of helping sales sell better through providing them with insights into buyer motivations, organizational behavior, and territory activity. It also includes allowing sales a better opportunity to sell effectively through the careful use of nurturing to maintain top-of-mind awareness and build trusted relationships.

Sales enablement is a growing area of interest for today’s marketers. Marketers focused on sales enablement allow sales teams to sell more effectively by providing them with key insights into their territories, accounts and buyers.

Sales enablement becomes important to marketers when they move beyond just providing a steady flow of qualified leads to their sales team. There are many areas in which a marketing team today can help their sales team to better understand their buying audience, but the three key areas are: providing insight into buyers, maintaining top-of-mind awareness, and developing trusted relationships.

Sales team more efficient

Marketers who focus not just on a flow of qualified leads, but on truly enabling their sales teams to sell better are able to drive significantly more revenue for the businesses they serve. By providing insights into buyers, the companies they are part of, and the territories they are in, marketers enable sales to better understand their audience and better prioritize their efforts. By using nurture campaigns and send-on-behalf-of personalization, marketers enable sales to work with buyers who are already familiar with who they are and the solutions they represent. Together, these techniques lead to a significantly more effective sales team. 


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