Digital Profiling

Digital Profiling

Can you read and respond to your prospects’ digital body language?
You need to deliver relevant, targeted and meaningful communications to engage leads and drive the sales cycle. Eloqua gets you there.

Eloqua automatically creates and manages comprehensive activity profiles for any individual that visits your website, receives an email or gets uploaded to your database. Eloqua summarizes this wealth of behavioral data – your prospects’ digital body language - in multiple ways, depending on the audience:

  • Contact activity overviews give the marketer a quick understanding of a contact’s campaign history, program membership, and activity information.
  • Eloqua Prospect Profiler provides an at-a-glance, visual summary of prospect activity for salespeople embedded within their CRM system.

It’s easy to create, analyze and manipulate groups of contacts based on these profiles:

  • Upload contacts quickly with simple wizards.
  • Change field values manually or programmatically with a few clicks (for example, change all "Chief Marketing Officer" values to "CMO").
  • Filter contacts in or out of campaigns with precision based on any contact field, company association or activity (example: add any contacts that received a specific email, visited the website twice in the last month AND have a lead rating of “A”).
  • Merge and de-duplicate groups of contacts with intuitive contact management tools.


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