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Every demand center is different: The skills available, their location, the budget and the flexibility in the organisation. Some functions may need to be outsourced to accelerate best practices influx, some others may need to be insourced. Regardless of what the right balance is, LeadFabric can provide the building blocks required.


Our multilingual agents will expand and extend your telemarketing qualification and conversion capacity. There are plenty of tele marketing and telesales shops out there. And some of them do offer great value, but in most cases they also work in a vacuum - They don’t integrate with your existing infrastructure and processes. CallFabric fixes that once and for all: We offer a Pan-european, native tele sales and telemarketing service that integrates with your existing demand gen process, allowing you to:

  • Add the human touch to your marketing automation programs
  • Integrate perfectly with your CRM and MAP automation platforms, avoiding the creation of another silo and facilitating your data quality enhancement processes.


You can rely on our web development expertise to help with all your web projects: Our team has deep knowledge and expertise in CMS systems like Drupal, as well as API development capacity that helps integrate all of your online applications.


You can rely on our content design expertise to expand your library and open it up to sharing across social networks, your own communication vehicles as well as all of your web properties.


Our campaign technology provides you with powerful engines, but do you have the fuel to keep them running? We help you build campaigns that are built according to your buyers buying journey.


DocFabric is our project document center. Briefing documents, mock ups, large graphic files, storyboards, responses, all the documents related to your particular project are stored in this cloud-based document management system. This document management system allows for enhanced collaboration between your team and ours. DocFabric also manages version control, so we make sure that we are always working on the latest versions of your documents.


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