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Build your own Demand Center with these FAB building blocks

Your marketing department is growing up. It's about being responsible for the buyers' journey and not just products and brands. But there's more, it's also about being efficient as well. It’s about organization and process. The way you are set up. What you need is a scalable structure so that your top management’s desire to create "leverage" is met.  

There's a new model for this, and it's called a Demand Center. According to Sirius decisions, a Demand Center is a central or regional hub of shared marketing services, infrastructure and process that enables organizations to bring programs to market by leveraging core corporate assets and best practice. It is a hybrid structure between centralization and decentralization, leaning towards a pragmatic “center of excellence” approach.

The demand center should provide three core services. These services include:


Technology Framework

The right technology supports the right best practice. We help build a core infrastructure within your new demand center that includes technologies such as data quality and media measurement tools as well as Website optimization technology.

Marketing services

Leveraging corporate assets to build best-practise campaigns is crucial, and the right marketing services will do that. Designing, building and executing campaigns is just the start: A demand center also provides specialists on-tap, including marketing automation power users and data management experts.


Creating a core telemarketing and telesales service, based on best practice will not only leverage the technology framework within your new Demand Center, it will also ensure the best structure for management of an effective call center. 

Project Management

A well-organized program management office (PMO) can provide guidance to marketers across the organization on a variety of key campaign aspects such as: Which teleservices work best, which vendors should be selected, and which contracts and metrics should be put in place to monitor quality.


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