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Business Process Review

At LeadFabric we're experts in reviewing your business process and turning feedback into design, and most importantly, action. From lead qualification criteria to defining campaign-specific nurturing programs, we can help. Want to understand your buyer's journey and decision path better? Then we can help, and in the process, ensure both sales and marketing identify the best possible content relevant to each stage in your buyer's journey.

But what about the way your business processes are currently designed? Or not designed? Improving the way you manage your sales and marketing funnel means that when your new nurturing programs start delivering results, you'll see the result you were looking for too: more revenue. We'll help create a more efficient marketing campaign planning process.

How does it work and what can you expect?

A Business Process Review involves taking a broader examination of your business activity and technology. The BPR is a multi-day onsite workshop, on-site at your offices, and involves key stakeholders from your organization. A LeadFabric Demand Generation Consultant will lead your team through an analysis of the workflows and processes defined within your organization.

Participants will take part in discussions, exercises and presentations that will enable the documentation of requirements needed for mapping your current processes to the Eloqua application. We will identify gaps that may exist and define improvement strategies to increase performance.

The final deliverable is a document that defines current business processes against LeadFabric’s Marketing Effectiveness Methodology, while outlining action items, hand-over points, risks, assumptions and recommendations. Results will be incorporated into a roadmap for success.

Measurable Results

Once we've documented your demand generation business requirements and strategic objectives, and mapped how your sales and marketing business processes align, you will have achieved:

  • A shared understanding within your organization of your lead management and demand generation processes
  • The identification of specific areas for improvement
  • An established baseline metrics to track future progress
  • A framework and an action plan for measuring and improving marketing programs
  • An understanding of your automation and technology needs

No matter what Demand Generation maturity level you have reached, we can help guide you on to the next stage of your marketing optimization journey.



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