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Business Case Creation

A business case gives a company’s leadership a chance to explore the potential benefit of doing a project -– as well as the opportunity costs associated with not doing it -– before they make a decision that based on the project’s out-of-pocket costs alone.

In a landscape where mostly general management has a sales or financial background it can be quite a challenge to convince your peers or superiors that new methods and technology are critical to their success.

A well-researched business case provides senior management with a framework for deciding whether a project should be initiated. It also provides you or your project managers with a template they can use to track a project as it progresses to ensure that its core reason for existence remains valid, over time, and that its projected benefits are being achieved.

LeadFabric can help you with all aspects of writing up the business case.

  • Organize your needs, thoughts and knowledge about a potential project.
  • Consider potential pitfalls and identify missing information via further research.
  • Locate the key pro’s and con’s of a project
  • Develop a stronger ability to communicate the pro’s and con’s to others inside and outside of the company.
  • Develop a financial justification for a project.
  • Assess future team members that should get familiar with the project’s main points even before it is approved.

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