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Brainshark connector for SFDC

Awesome video content is only effective if your team can find and access it easily.  So as you continue to expand your video presentation libraries, with Brainshark we can help ensure that the success of these efforts is never hindered by difficulty finding the content your sales people need, right when they need it. 

The Brainshark Connector for can help you improve your selling and training efforts by enabling access to Brainshark Presentations™ from within  The application enables sales and marketing professionals to improve their productivity and the effectiveness of outbound communications.

As you may already know, the Connector is designed to enable seamless access and sharing of Brainshark On-Demand content from directly within Users can narrow down their results to find exactly what they needfaster by using multiple criteria, such as: 

  •               the folder in which the content is stored
  •               topics that were assigned to the content
  •               tags that were added to the content
  •               the content author

…Or any of the above! You can even pick multiple presentations that meet your criteria and send out links to prospects and customers at the same time. 

Integrated Sharing by Email

With the Brainshark Connector for, sales reps or marketing staff can email viewing invitations to leads or contacts in by clicking a link called “Send a Brainshark Presentation.”  You then simply select the appropriate presentation(s) which are pulled in from your Brainshark Presentations account, based on folder access permissions.

You can then use the email form provided to type a note to the prospect or choose an existing email template from within When ready, you can send the note out of Salesforce or choose to send using your default email client, such as Outlook.  Once the email invitation with the Brainshark link is sent, it is recorded under the lead or contact record in – including the invitation and presentation details. 

Responses can also trigger tasks in prividing sales reps the necessary insights into when the follow up and contact his client or prospect again

Integrated Mass Email

The Brainshark Connector for not only permits one-to-one emails to leads and contacts, but when used in conjunction with email templates, it also supports mass emails to multiple leads or contacts at once.  Marketers can use this capability to invite a group of prospects to an upcoming event or update several customers about a new product or innovation all at once.

Integrated View Tracking

Once someone views a presentation sent using the Connector for, a task is created for the lead or contact record owner, and the detailed viewing activity information is automatically recorded.  Information such as when the presentation was viewed, how much of it was viewed and for how long, and whether it was a mobile view help the sales rep determine how to best follow up with the prospect. 

The integrated tracking information also includes the responses to any polls, surveys or test questions included in the presentation.  In addition, if a guestbook or tracking code were used, this information is pulled into as well.

Integrated Reporting

Whenever a lead or contact views a Brainshark presentation, sales reps can receive instant view receipts by email that contain the view tracking information.  Also, sales managers and marketers can use’s reporting and dashboard capabilities to assess the activity level of each salesperson and the effectiveness of each communication, based on Brainshark presentations sent and viewed. 

Integrated eLearning

When used in conjunction with the Brainshark Rapid Learning™ application, the Brainshark Connector for enables internal users or external partner users to securely access online training courses and curriculums, track their progress and even issue certificates of completion – all from within

Available from the AppExchange

Available for download from the AppExchange, the Brainshark Connector for provides seamless integration between the two products. 

Summary of Key Capabilities:

  • Deliver Brainshark presentations to your leads and contacts from within
  • Send one-to-one or one-to-many (mass) emails with Brainshark links
  • Automatically track viewing of presentations within
  • Know which leads or contacts are most interested, helping you prioritize follow-up
  • Securely deliver training content to internal users or partner portal users


Want to know more? Take a look at this on-demand demo of the connector for, or feel free to contact us for any additional information about Brainshark. 




















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